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What I Do and How I Can Help

By Scott Melbrod

You have a unique life, unique circumstances, and unique goals. Don’t you deserve a unique financial strategy to go with it? Often, people assume a financial plan is a one-size-fits-all strategy. However, for a financial plan to be effective, I believe it must reflect the stage of life you’re in, whether you’re purchasing a first home, financing a child’s college education or planning for retirement. A custom financial plan must highlight the best suited financial products and be continually reviewed to ensure it measures up to stated aims.

Rather than box clients into a cookie cutter mold, my goal with Accumulation Wealth Partners is to provide tailored strategies individually designed for every person. Today, this remains the foundation of our purpose and drives us in all that I do.

Who We Are

Accumulation Wealth Partners is an independent and comprehensive wealth planning firm. I founded this firm with the goal of helping guide individuals and families through each stage of life’s financial journey using a disciplined financial planning process, sophisticated wealth management strategies all the while doing this for a flat transparent fee.  

By providing comprehensive financial services and unbiased advice and maintaining a high-touch and personalized experience, we seek to serve as our clients’ most trusted financial guide and help them make proactive decisions with their money and work toward financial freedom.

Who We Serve

As it says in our name, we focus on the accumulation years, so we work with a diverse range of clients, from young Millennials to experienced professionals. Wherever they are in their career, they seek to make the most of the current and future earnings. However, many young people may start contributing to their 401(k) and not sure what to do next.

We want to ensure our clients don’t let their retirement account or savings plan sit in a drawer for 30 years untouched. Working closely with our clients, we evaluate their short and long-term needs, from purchasing a home and paying off the mortgage to funding a child’s college education, and develop a strategy. Ultimately, we want to help our clients work toward financial freedom and turn their weekdays into their weekends earlier in life.

What Makes Us Unique

Too often, financial advisors steer clear of working with Millennials and young professionals because they don’t have $1 million liquid cash laying around. They may have most of their net worth tied up in their 401(k) and home equity, which many financial firms deem "unmanageable," therefore making them "unprofitable clients."

At Accumulation Wealth Partners we like to take a more humane approach. Rather than focus on what a person doesn’t have, we instead try to quantify the client’s “human capital,” which we define as the present value of their future earnings. We then use that in their financial strategies, which allows for more holistic planning toward their long-term goals.

All of this is done through a flat-fee engagement based off a combination of the client’s net worth and income. Not only does this allow for more transparent pricing, but it also eliminates the concern for hidden fees or the pushing of investment products. We utilize this fee structure so we can be a more conflict-free firm and share what we think is the best advice for clients to increase their wealth and financial well-being.

Why Work With Us

Can you Google financial advisor? Yes. Can you teach yourself how to invest? Many people do. While financial advice is easy to come by on the Internet, finding personalized guidance and unbiased recommendations is much harder.

We enjoy serving as the helping hand for people when they seek more personalized advice and a customized strategy for working toward their goals. We tell our clients to think of us as their household CFO. They still run the place, but we handle the numbers so they can live their lives and focus on their passions.

If you’re ready for a new type of relationship with a financial advisor, we encourage you to reach out to Accumulation Wealth Partners. Now is as good a time as ever to take the first step. To learn more about our approach, what we offer, and how we can help you, contact us for a complimentary consultation. Call our office at (858) 255-4475 or email scott@accumulationwealth.com.

About Scott

Scott Melbrod is the founder and CEO of Accumulation Wealth Partners, an independent wealth management firm in San Diego, CA. Working with a wide array of clients, from families to young Millennials just starting their careers, his mission is to provide impactful and targeted financial advice at a transparent cost to people in their accumulation phase of their lives. With more than 15 years of industry experience, he uses his knowledge to develop for his clients a structured and tailored plan designed to guide them toward financial freedom. Learn more about Scott by connecting with him on LinkedIn or emailing him at scott@accumulationwealth.com.