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Why Us

Generating long-term value


Your Life, Your Plan

We don’t believe in taking a standard approach to financial and investment planning. We recognize that you have unique goals, and we’re committed to making these the foundation of the financial plan we develop.


Fees to Fit Your Stage in Life

Most advisory firms require a certain minimum of assets that they can manage, eliminating accumulators as potential clients. We’ve eliminated investment minimums and base our fees on a simple monthly retainer.


Putting Human Capital to Work

To best serve you, we take a unique approach to your finances. By looking at your assets—real estate, bank accounts, stocks and bonds—and adding your human capital, or the present value of your future income we can get a true sense of what you are worth today while helping us to structure a more realistic plan to meet your future goals.


Customized Investments

Our investment strategies are implemented by institutional asset managers, most of whom aren’t accessible to the public, such as Dimensional Fund Advisors and AQR. Our strategies are backed by Nobel Prize-winning research and evidence-based investing principles. They focus on minimizing costs and taxes so you can keep more of your hard-earned money. 



Armed with the latest technology, we empower you to check your financial pulse on your own time, 24/7. From virtual planning meetings to account management and expense tracking we remain efficient in optimizing your financial life.


Schedule your 30 or 60-minute meeting today!